Offsite Training

Open courses delivering outstanding return on investment

Recruitment Guide's open course takes delegates through a detailed framework of the basics that create the foundation of a top consultant’s career, helping them make sure they are doing all of the job, all of the time. By the end of the course, attendees will understand both HOW and WHY they should approach candidates, clients and the vacancy taking process in order to maximise the information they are acquiring, giving them a distinct advantage over their competition and offering them the opportunity to drastically increase their month-on-month billing.

The Candidate Cycle

Planning and preparation

• How to effectively schedule time
• Sourcing appropriate candidates
• Investigating CVs

Speaking to the candidate

• Introductions
• Jobseeking motivation
• Differentiating active, passive and not looking candidates
• “Upgrading” not looking candidates
• Understanding the current situation
• Discussing potential of counteroffer
• Setting jobseeking parameters
• Delivery and test
• Sign-off
• Post-call activity

Professional presentation – part 1

• Vocal presentation
• Verbal presentation

The Client Cycle

Lead generation

• Verbal references
• Interview leads
• Application leads
• Backfilling
• Wish List
• Candidate referrals
• CV and social media mining

Business development

• Targeting your call
• Getting past call blockers
• Alternative routes to contact
• Introduction
• Elevator pitches
• Verbal references
• The five keys to success
• Fact finding
• Golden tickets
• Sign-off & follow up

Professional presentation – part 2

• Written presentation
• Visual presentation, including social media
• Emotional presentation

The Placement Cycle

Requirement qualification

• Following up on canvass calls
• Primary qualification
• Risk vs Reward analysis
• Secondary depth qualification
• Flexing the spec
• Setting timescales
• Pre-closing (part 1)
• Delivery

The placement process

• Shortlisting
• Candidate presentation
• Interview prep
• Pre-closing (part 2)
• Negotiation
• The final close
• Resignation management
• The post-sale process