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Fundamentals – SWOT Analysis

Do you ever think that because SWOT analysis is so well known, it gets pushed aside? As the proverb goes, familiarity breeds contempt. Or maybe you feel you have so much familiarity with this tool it’s no longer something you need to write down?

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Fundamentals - External Factors

External Factors - The EX FactorWhy is it the leaders of excellent recruitment businesses are continually looking at their competition?If...

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Fundamentals - Company Vision and Mission

Company Mission and Vision – “I’m the CEO, not my speciality, it’s just “marketing blurb” right?Ambitious, driven recruitment business...

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Fundamentals - Personal Vision

Developing Your Personal Vision Is one of your key challenges typical of what we see from owners and directors within many recruitment...

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The Six Principles of Persuasion

More now than ever we need shortcuts to guide our decision making. Research has shown that there are six universal principles of persuasion which have been scientifically proven to make you more effective. We discuss those in this post.

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Real Life Business - Work ethic and making movies

Ross Owen Williams looks at the transferable skills he learned from recruitment that helped him become a produced screenwriter.

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